My slender Man 💀 @chrisarundel for @joinchapter 
Photo by @jimmyfontaine1 
HMU @sydney_costley 
@artistsatwilhelmina  (at Socrates Sculpture Park)
Happy friday 🍌🍉 @blankmagazine Editorial 
Photo: @bymatallana 
HMU: @tieckanely
@artistsatwilhelmina @wilhelminamodels
My ride or die @chrisarundel 💀⚡️💋
10th Sep 201401:00
My slender Man @chrisarundel in @ryanmckingleystudios Exhibition last night
8th Sep 201415:22
Another shot for @schonmagazine with @sokothecat 
Shot by @danielle_defoe 
HMU @jeffreybaum 
Art by @chrisarundel 💀⚡️👊
Soko for @schonmagazine
6th Sep 201415:451 note
Like a don is suppose ta 
@chrisarundel 💘
6th Sep 201415:44
Another shot from @nylonmag 📷 @thekateowen 👓 @lindafarrow 👕 @kenzo
6th Sep 201415:43
Another shot from @nylonmag 📷 @thekateowen 👓 @lindafarrow 👖 @helmutlang
👠 @nicholaskirkwood
6th Sep 201415:42
6th Sep 201415:42
Another shot from my @nylonmag story 
Shot by @thekateowen
6th Sep 201415:41
#pharellwilliams at @gstarraw_official with @chrisarundel #nyfw
@sikiim show #yuripleskun
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Opaque  by  andbamnan